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An intrepid 30 something, wild at heart Englishman. I have travelled to every continent except the Antarctic. In 2014, I went across the USA, coast to coast with just $6 a day for 6 months, raising money for a wildlife conservation charity. In 2015, I took a retiree from New York to Alaska, dipping our toes in the Arctic Ocean.

I travelled further through Asia, Australasia, Brazil, the UAE, a lot of Europe, Morocco and some of North Africa, and I am also about to photo-update you with a brisk road trip around the British Isles.

I co-founded a safari company in Southern Africa and for now, my work keeps me relatively in one place… on the road.
As I experience and observe where I go in the world, I share my lifestyle, my interest in topical issues, and my upmost respect and admiration for wildlife that never ceases to amaze me.

I have written about my adventures to share with my friends and family back home, but the more I have written, the more my adventures have continued to grow…

I gave up my London lifestyle, a career, and close ties to those “friends” who thought I was mad to travel across the U.S.A on $6 a day. I sacrificed quite a bit and I certainly gave up earning an unaffordable amount in the capital for a life that has become more interesting…albeit poorer. All sounds a bit cliché to be honest. Man gives it all up to travel and be free? Well, not quite.

This isn’t a “How to” travel blog. I won’t be giving anyone advice on what to see or how to get around. I won’t be judging or telling anyone to change their life by following me on some “inspirational” trip. However, I like to challenge society’s assumptions sometimes. “Normal” isn’t something I have embraced. I chose a different path, and in some respects I feel privileged to have been able to do so. Hopefully you’ll get a glimpse into what is possible with just a bit of adventurous spirit, some Dutch courage and what presents itself when you decide to say “Yes” once in a while.

Feel free to read my blog, check out the photos and watch some of my videos. Who knows, it might be entertaining.

Also feel free to be social.

If you fancy a safari, a tour, or a very long chat…you can now join me:

Ben Winston


Where am I now?

After brief tours around the British Isles and a trip to Switzerland, I'm in Johannesburg SA preparing for the Go Untamed Safari to Malawi!

Request safari details by sending me a message.


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