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After lustfully jacking in city life, tossing myself under strange and extreme circumstances across the North American continent….twice, having a few inspirational trips around various countries, boasting a few corners and trinkets of “home” under the guise of a “guide”, and following a baptism of fire into the steam room of Africa’s warm heart, I figured it was time to make something of all this…

Go Untamed is the Malawian safari business I have co-created with my South African comrade.

It’s a far cry from the office-based, disentranced, lukewarm, stodgy, 8-6 lifestyle which I found myself in. Perfect for some, but for me, a lot of it was muggy, unventilated, clouded, monotonous, and too “normal”. Sadly, I found myself in London immediately following the crash of 2008. It was a tough time. I struggled to find my way and I found myself believing for a while that life was all about “putting up with problems to survive”. Worst things have happened and worse things will continue to happen every day. City life just never changed and that, I think, was what I struggled with the most.

Not all was bad. Far from it! It was genuinely a difficult decision to leave a lot of hard work behind and I honestly loved London for the great place it is….to visit. More so and even harder, was realising that some relationships would be changed drastically. Leaving to do what some presumed quite selfish, would change my life – and to some degree other peoples lives – definitively. London was never home for me, but it was, and still is, my amazing half way house.

Like a phoenix, self employment was born out of a fairly daring and thrilling life flux. Life continues with a base in Malawi and a business partner that wreaks of counter skills, ingenuity and fervour. Ahead, around the African Bushveld, more stories to be told.

If you now fancy a trip to Southern Africa (or anywhere in the world, for that matter) with our experience and passion at your disposal, feel free to get in touch.
Here is our website which I have put together.

Side projects haven’t fallen off the radar either. I’m open to adventure and ideas. There is A LOT on the table and already, more tales on the way…


Where am I now?

After extensive work and tours through Southern Africa, most of my time is spent between Malawi and Europe.
Go Untamed Safaris was striding into top gear, but volatile poitics in 2019, Covid in 2020, the impacts of Russia vs the World as well as insesent corruption forced my hand.
The dust is now settling. Everything has changed. New chapters are about to be written.

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