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Everything’s Changed

There isn’t much that knocks the ability to just keep going, and get through life, and that is still true.
However, due to volatile and uncertain politics, fickle tourism, corrupt and slow authoroties, a global pandemic and the economic knock on effects into every aspect of peoples lives;
It’s fair to say, EVERYTHING has now changed.

For various unpleasant reasons, the blog has been on pause for many, many months.
I could write about all the misfortuntes and terrible curcumstances that have come about since 2018, but frankly, reliving it through a blog is just too frustrating and painful. I am also aware that I am by far NOT the worst affected by the events of the last couple of years. Droning on about them seems to be conceited, narcissistic and insensitive. I’m sure you all have better things to be doing.

This isn’t the end, but it’s definitely not what it was.
Something will appear here again at some point. Something that isn’t about the recent past, or the current toil.

Go grab a gin.
Cheers readers.

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This entry was posted on October 27, 2021 by in A Beard in the Bushveld.


Where am I now?

After extensive work and tours through Southern Africa, I’m now mainly in Malawi with time each year in Europe/UK.
Go Untamed Safaris was set up, but then volatile poitics in 2019 and Covid in 2020 hit.
The dust is still settling.

To contact me:


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