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Budget and Backpack

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Supplies & Kit


I have been deliberating kit supplies for months. Research and planning was no five minute job and even when I hit the road, I know my supplies, my kit and the way I utilise everything I carry will constantly evolve. Due to the changing environment and support I receive along the way, I’m going to have to familiarise myself with and constantly maintain an organised pack, to make sure I’m prepared daily, and to make sure I’m not overloading myself.

It is a constant process to toss up the necessity of an item and I don’t think this process will cease once I begin. I’ve researched a very long list of items which are vital, which may be useful and which might be a luxury that I can carry. It is an ongoing quest to make sure it is user friendly, that it’s not going to break after five minutes, that it’s affordable and that it does not weigh as much as a small child.

I will update the following list as often as it changes, of the items I am carrying. I will keep the original list to do some comparisons when I’ve finished and to aid possible future adventures.

  1. Walking footwear
  2. Sandals
  3. Socks (3x walking pair and 1x pair sleeping) & Liners
  4. Underwear (non chafing, definitely non chafing!)
  5. Baselayer Top (x1 long sleeve)
  6. Convertible Trousers/Shorts (x2)
  7. Walking Shirt (x2)
  8. Fleece Layer
  9. Waterproof Jacket
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Adaptable scarf
  12. Gloves
  13. Wide brimmed Hat & Warm Headwear
  14. Cotton shorts for sleeping in and for being a little more presentable when hosted
Rucksack & Waterproof Cover
  1. Dry Sacks/Waterproof Bags
  2. Tent
  3. Lightweight Tarp
  4. Para Cord Rope
  5. Spare pegs
  6. Sleeping bag
  7. Roll mat
  8. Head Torch
  9. Communication device/s
  10. Solar charger
  11. Spare batteries
  12. Cheap headphones
  13. Cooking utensils & stove
  14. Lighter
  15. Spork
  16. Drinks bottles
  17. Towel
  18. Soap
  19. Toothpaste/brush
  20. Vaseline
  21. Canesten Cream
  22. Sun Cream
  23. Food – peanut butter, noodles, trail mix
  24. Knife
Emergency Kit
  1. Adhesive Repair Tape (for Tent/Tarp)
  2. Satellite location device
  3. Bear spray (Did not purchase)
  4. Compass
  5. Medical Kit (including plasters/bandages/safety pins/sterile wipes/iodine/swabs/gauze/medical tape/ear buds)
  6. Safety Pins
  7. Cotton Wool
  8. Ear buds and plugs
  9. Cigarette lighter
  10. Meth Spirit
  11. Multi-tool
  12. Emergency Bivvi Blanket
  13. Para Cord
  14. Fire Lighting Flint (sparks with knife)
  15. Whistle
  16. Magnifying Glass
  17. Handheld Fishing Line (and hooks)
  18. Candle
  19. Pencil
  20. Condoms (for water carrying)
  21. Muslin Cloth (various uses including bandage/sling/basic water filter)
  22. Pain Killers, Asprin, sleeping pills, anti-inflammatories, indigestion, allergy, muscle pain pills etc
  23. Water sterilisation tabs
  24. Kendal Mint Cake and energy oats bar

Overloaded bike

Supplies: Week 1


The budget was set at £1000.00.

In the states, you have to pay to enter National Parks. Not only that, but each park has its own charges and fees to stay over night where most of the time, you’re required to stay in a campsite of some description. Given that I will be travelling to and camping in numerous National Parks (all the places on my “to see” list are in protected park areas) and that I may or may not know if I’m in a park area, means that I am forced (I don’t want to break too many laws) to pay the permits and entrance fees which the nation has in place.

I won’t rant about how I feel about being charged to camp or travel through public land in a free nation, although I do understand that there are certain costs to maintaining shared ecosystems and areas of cohabitation. On the whole, I support them.

Therefore I’ve had to increase the budget of the trip, reluctantly to £2000.00 (approximately $3035 USD)

The majority of this will undoubtedly be spent on park fees and camping permits. It won’t be spent on luxury rations – of which would only increase the weight of my pack and no doubt attract unwelcome visitors of the grizzly variety. Naturally, if I am lucky to meet people through couchsurfing or just find that I’m invited in for dinner, I will gladly accept any charitable offerings of board and nutrition.

I don’t wish to and I won’t be carrying all of my budget on my person. I will be monitoring my card usage methodically to make sure I am within budget and able to fund any minor emergencies. I’m not going to be naive to the fact that I may require medical assistance, supplies or transport to a hospital. My cell/mobile phone costs are not included in my budget. The six months of phone costs will have been paid for prior to arriving in Boston.

If there is anything left in my £2000 budget, it will be donated to the charity fund by me.

The budget is set from when the challenge begins on the East Coast to when the challenge ends on the West Coast. Innitial kit and supplies will be purchased by myself before I begin.

I am looking forward to finding out how long it takes to complete the challenge to see what it cost me to live on daily. The longer it takes with just £2000, the more my budget will be stretched. Obviously I will be accepting charitable hospitality but sharing what I have to offer, when I can, is hopefully enough for humanity to help me on my way. There’s a lot of talk about people raising awareness for extreme poverty and living off £1 a day recently (Summer 2013). The following link may be of interest,

Click the link if you’d like to donate:

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