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Bam! New York, Baby!

Six months away from ‘Merica, and I’m back for more. After being delayed seven hours and enduring an always slightly turbulent re-entry into the states (and I don’t only mean the weather), I finally arrive on the doorstep of a friend in New York, looking only slightly similar to a damp rat. Some spicy, Thai, seafood broth, a shower and a beer, and the nineteen hour ordeal is beginning to fade. As is my ability to travel back in time; in my head, it’s 3am and I’m spent.

Last year, dozens of people said, “How can you go to the USA and not visit New York City?!” Well, Bam! I’m in the Big Apple, Baby (I’ll stop talking like an 1990’s commercial right now)! To appease the masses, here is where I’m beginning my next adventure.
A few issues as always, getting to grips with how to rearrange my wallet, making sure my ID and my cash cards are valid, trying to avoid carrying my bag around all day, and I’m off to explore.

I have two days before I plan on heading north, and I think that’s enough to squeeze in a modern art museum, grand central station, a ferry ride to see the big girl with the torch (humour me, I’m not that ignorant), a museum of sex, and to stuff enough bagels into my to mouth to almost make me ‘Merican (AKA, Jewish and satiated).

I’m glad I’m excited, because my energy is actually adrenaline after the usual ordeal to get into the USA. I’m off on my feet and I’ll need all the energy I can muster to dodge traffic in America’s most famous city.

I need some caawfee…


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After extensive work and tours through Southern Africa, most of my time is spent between Malawi and Europe.
Go Untamed Safaris was striding into top gear, but volatile poitics in 2019, Covid in 2020, the impacts of Russia vs the World as well as insesent corruption forced my hand.
The dust is now settling. Everything has changed. New chapters are about to be written.

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