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Oh Germany, some road rage, and a schooch

From the south west section of Namibia and Fish River Canyon, in one sentence I’m jumping north east to the Caprivi Strip. This 280 mile-long pan handle, sticks neatly-east out … Continue reading

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Liquid Insobriety, a Deserted Spa, and a little History

Located in the south of Namibia, close to the border of South Africa, Fish River Canyon is the largest gash in the African continent, and second only in the world … Continue reading

September 12, 2018 · 1 Comment

Nobody suspects a pigeon….but flamingoes?

We had driven through four landscapes since we left the giant dunes of Sossusvlei. We ambled leisurely through over 120 kilometres down to the coast. Venturing past mountains of rugged … Continue reading

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Why did the one-armed man stab the pigeon-killer in the neck?

Side roads, unfit for any mediocre vehicle, lead to places the mind can’t imagine. It’s why we take them. A trip to Diaz Point! Awaiting us was a dilapidated shack … Continue reading

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Leaving the sheep for some sand castles

Swakopsmund is slightly different to other Nambian towns. It has a certain charm about it being on the ocean. It’s a bit like Weston-Super-Mare, but it’s down with the kids. … Continue reading

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Iconic rocks, OCD nooks and Look! A tree!

Packed around forced-manicured grass; a village of A-framed huts and boxy bungalows are agonisingly, tightly and tidily organised into poured concrete conveniences. All anti-organically strewn around an actually rather difficult … Continue reading

January 3, 2018 · 1 Comment

Hobbits in the desert & checking out the ladies bathroom

It’s as if hobbits built a tiny second home in the desert, with a nod to being OCD and Christian. The accommodation at the border is possibly the most organised, … Continue reading

July 15, 2017 · 5 Comments

WARNING: CONTAINS MASSIVE SOLIFUGAE…..but there is also a squirrel and a viking)

From Xade (pronounced Kar-déh), along a road with more sand than Sandy McSand’s sand-filled pockets after a day in the sandpit, we covered only 45 kilometers in an hour. Penelope … Continue reading

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Awkward Nudists! A civilised cornucopia and Tortoise

After the rains, imagine puddles, wet wood, glistening greenery and frolicking beasts – but only for a short while. The sun reasserts it’s magnificence as fast as I can polish … Continue reading

July 10, 2017 · 5 Comments

Mother Nature’s ooze

To a certain degree, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is now familiar territory. While the weather appears to be so consistent in the CKGR, it is astonishing how different the desert … Continue reading

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Fairytales and massive ears

The fourth morning of traversing through the Kalahari began early. The drive was roughly 200 kilometres through more sand and dust and Piper was to be our next camp to … Continue reading

July 5, 2017 · 1 Comment

A shocking privilege

Arriving at the Kutse gate of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is somewhat of a relief. It’s been an intrepid drive of excitement and expectation, but what’s ahead is what … Continue reading

July 1, 2017 · 2 Comments

To the Dessert! With rabies in the moonlight

Jumping back to Botswana, it has been a couple of days drive to reach, in my opinion, the last untouched wilderness on solid ground: The Kalahari dessert…. And it is, … Continue reading

June 27, 2017 · 2 Comments

We Play God

North of Johannesburg is an area famous for a few hot springs. It’s a local tourism hot-spot and nearby is a group of game reserves, holiday accommodations and “wilderness” areas … Continue reading

June 25, 2017 · 2 Comments

A thirst-quenching cauldron full of vivid hallucinogens

Sleeping in a hammock is rather good for keeping you off the jungle floor, if you can sleep! It’s perfect for catching a few winks, but to sleep through the muggy night … Continue reading

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Miniature-stealth scorpions and Schwarzeneaggar-esque Jiminey crickets…

Miniature-stealth scorpions and Schwarzeneaggar-esque Jiminey crickets, hypnotic millipedes and flesh-piercing ants. Nothing in the bush is ever bug proof and whether it be stabbing you with a sting, munching through … Continue reading

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Truly into the wild, and lying to my mother about it…

There is no point in comparing the bush experience we had in Kasungu, near the Zambia border, to what we are enjoying on the northern lake tributary. For one, we’re … Continue reading

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Some more controversy for you…

Before disappearing up a watery gash in the landscape to explore where one of the northern rivers flows into Lake Malawi, we catch our breath and take a chance to … Continue reading

June 5, 2016 · 1 Comment

Hangovers, Goats, and some Freekin Ice!

Leaving over two hours later than scheduled, the “local” boat, as its referred to, took over eleven hours to carry us to Ruarwe at the north end of Lake Malawi. … Continue reading

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Food…and drugs…and drunk fishermen…

Before we reached the lion’s den we passed Malawi’s largest farmed area of rubber trees. Tapped, much like maple trees for their syrup, the rubber trees contribute to a healthy … Continue reading

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Barbecuing Beer, Intelligent Pigeons and Chuck Norris…

At last! You say. This one isn’t about how terrible humans are to the unfortunate wildlings. I had goaded one of the more social park rangers to join us for … Continue reading

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Elephants (videos)

And you think YOU have issues at breakfast!?   Nervous Elephant

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Marrying Sharron…

Compared to a few other nations on the continent, Malawi has remained relatively peaceful. Even through the historically volatile and ongoing trials of Southern Africa, the people here remain extremely … Continue reading

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Mobile cash machines in a war zone

Life isn’t all covert operations, investigations into convolutions or apprehending unfortunate forest folk. In truth, as much as I enjoy and appreciate the experiences to understand what “protected wilderness” is, … Continue reading

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Should we accept a sad fate?

Six months ago, the village we found yesterday, where we apprehended a man, was burned to the ground and returned to the wild. We saw remnants of scorched earth, charcoaled … Continue reading

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Jealous of my lifestyle? Read this one

Three sounds concerned me as I tried to fall asleep in the Kasungu bush. One, chickens. They shouldn’t be here. Two, gunshots. They weren’t for the chickens. And three, the … Continue reading

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Hopefully, without getting shot…

Hopefully, without getting shot, stabbed, sliced with a machete or even just damaged by anything in the bush…. After an early start to pack our bags with appropriate and thoroughly … Continue reading

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Kasungu National Park

While at the triathlon in Cape Maclear, and through no late night liquid coercion, Bjorn and I accepted a welcoming invite from Matteau, Remi and Leonie to visit them in … Continue reading

May 25, 2016 · 2 Comments

It was a success…. Nobody died!

Beyond the point of relaxation and drifting into a tired trance, I managed to stay up for another thirteen hours after a fifty hour+ sleepless journey from the U.S. to … Continue reading

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Just missing that haunting, panpipe-style, ding ding…

I’m normally a morning person, and here in Cape MacClear waking up isn’t too much of a problem. The natural sounds of the village children (not a Village People spin … Continue reading

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Skip this opportunity? Don’t be silly!

Outside of Lilongwe (Malawi’s capital) it’s hard not to feel like I’m in a remote place compared to the western world I’ve just left behind. The countryside vistas vary as … Continue reading

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Nobody ever accomplished anything alone…

Just before the end of my adventure across the United States in 2014, seemingly impressed by my intrepid spirit and wordsmithing, I received an email from a man I had … Continue reading

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Malawi: Africa’s Warm Heart

The last you saw of me was when I left Portland, OR. They even had a new carpet in the airport! Time to let you all know what in the … Continue reading

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Survival on Arrival

  After a fifty hour journey to Lilongwe, I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. I had emailed my contact, without response six days prior and said that … Continue reading

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The End…with Malawi in sight

Some people asked me to compare last year’s trip across North America, to this year’s. I won’t, purely because they were completely different and as I continue on this nomadic … Continue reading

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KP sends me this photo while we’re having a week or so apart. He’s sent them to a better place. About time! Spending the trip with KP wasn’t anywhere near … Continue reading

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My last morning in Alaska

The concerning wait for a ferry which hasn’t arrived yet, after being delayed for three days has been frustrating. It’s also been threatening and frightful while in the woods. Filled … Continue reading

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Stranded in storms and falling trees

As relaxing as the woods can be, they’re also a little nerve racking when some heavy storms are forecast and you’re sleeping amongst tall trees. It’s calm but building. Cautiously … Continue reading

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Maliciously attacked by a schizophrenic French floozy

While in Moab last year, I didn’t meet a new friend called Shareena. Drinking a beer at the end of a Utah bar, alone, her rainbow coloured hair cascaded across … Continue reading

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Life is a holiday, not only two weeks a year

This morning three cruise ships docked downtown and Broadway was bombarded with over 10,000 visitors. A few hundred people live here year round and varied reports average around 2000 in … Continue reading

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Love shack & some morning wood.

I was bound to talk about love at some point… Conveniently, a friend in Skagway, where my ferry will sail from, tossed me an invitation to visit. New friendships across … Continue reading

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I need a Bear & a Tlingit

The ride south to Skagway and back into Alaska takes you over the Alaska Range. A little over a century ago, stampeders hiked from the fjords of Skagway and Dyea, … Continue reading

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Loudly banging back into Canada

The recent conditions on the Alaska highway have opened up the crack in the windscreen to one mighty, three foot gash. Today’s drive has also taken its toll on the … Continue reading

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Being off grid isn’t always pretty

Even though it’s just a bus stop for the cruise ship companies, a train depot for those riding up through the Yukon from a southern port, a commercial coffee stop … Continue reading

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Humans are magpies (Atlin)

Ironically, on the first day since the adventure began which I haven’t worn my sunglasses, I’ve indulged in ice cream. I added rum. I think it was a mini celebration … Continue reading

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Back into Canada (videos)

Back into Canada on a pothole road

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A Defiantly-Wild, Bear-Guarded Mine (Kennecott)

Usually in the U.S. visiting a national park is an experience of managed wilderness – accessible to all – but while slowly being restored, the Kennecott Mine in Wrangell St … Continue reading

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An unruffled Madam with a big bottom

Following our trip through the Whittier tunnel, and after a quick stop in the tiny town of Hope on the Turnagain Arm to bag myself a few salmon on the … Continue reading

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Whittier: Cold War Weirdo

The American outback, the boondocks, nestled in the sticks, appears barely operational. There’s evidence of gigantic agricultural farms operating in the lower 48, but prominent cities and towns built on … Continue reading

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Private moments in the bush…

Private Moment Home Spit About to leave the Kenai Peninsular. Some people suggested I make this a tradition…Sorry to the rest of you.

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If the Kenai Peninsular was a box of chocolates…

If the Kenai Peninsular was a box of chocolates, it would probably be one of those industrial sized boxes of Quality Street that you get at Christmas, to fatten grandma … Continue reading

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To Homer! (videos)

Bear, Bear, Bear! Eagle! Sadly, no gin.

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Pensioners Pensioners Pensioners…

Dithers Complainahan (he has a new nickname) has been trying to figure out why, in the last handful of years, he has repeatedly befriended troubled men in their early 30’s. … Continue reading

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A Polar Bear Garden

In 1867, William H. Seward (Secretary of State at the time under Abraham Lincoln), bought Alaska from Russia. There had been some earlier negotiations to sell the region to their … Continue reading

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On the south coast, the port of Seward is small and mainly provides alighting for cruise ship passengers to be then transported over land to inland destinations such as Denali … Continue reading

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Splendid! South of Anchorage.

I reached Anchorage! Technically it was going to be the end of my planned trip but as usual, I’m not stopping yet. Alaska is vast, and I haven’t even scratched … Continue reading

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Into the Wild?

“The best beer I’ve tasted this side of the Rockies” that’s me, quoting myself. The 49th State Brewery, just off Parks Highway in Healy (north of Denali National Park and … Continue reading

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Graham eats Molly. Stan takes one for the team!

Three wolves, countless bear, numerous moose, a curious arctic fox, eagle hoards, awkward stalks, migrating swans and geese, territorial osprey and various regal raptors, botherless bison, wolverine, tasty fish, elk, … Continue reading

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My dithering pensioner and I disagree a lot

My dithering pensioner and I disagree a lot. We’re extremely good at it. Naturally, our opposing political views are cause for regular debate, but we agree and disagree on probably … Continue reading

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Leeches! Driving! Glaciers! (videos in Denali)

Speechless Views   I caught a Leech. Brilliant!   My favourite driving

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Like a drunk spider, trying to climb out of a bathtub…

Clearly a blogging mix up in the last post, written by either a randy drunk or a lethargic halucenogenist. A cup of tea and a hearty breakfast sorts any Englishman … Continue reading

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If you’re only going to read one update….why not make it the weird, sexually frustrated one? It has My Little Pony in it…

We had our sights set on Denali for the mountainous scenery, the remote wildlife, the promise of expansive, lush landscape, and well, now that we’re here: Beer. The drive from … Continue reading

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Civilised trimmings & techno Grumpiness

Roughly two months into the trip, and before leaving Fairbanks, we stayed a night in a hotel for the first time. You may think it was a luxury, an indulgence … Continue reading

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Some attractive mature nudists

The drive south on the Dalton Highway was infinitely more interesting and enjoyable than heading north. Not only was the mosquito population higher toward the north end of the road … Continue reading

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You may need some lubrication…

The strangest, unpleasant, oddly informative and most numbing feelings I have ever had as a tourist. The shuttle bus escorted a handful of curious people through the oil drilling facilities, … Continue reading

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Reaching the Arctic Ocean!

Reaching the Arctic Ocean! Prudhoe Bay

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Hoth does exist on Earth

A few dozen miles into the Arctic Circle lies the place where Luke Skywalker ventured out on his tauntaun… Beyond the first 300 miles of the Dalton Highway, seeing virtually … Continue reading

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Almost at the Arctic Ocean (videos)

In the photo: I started at the small red dot and travelled on the blue line. I’m now at the large one on the north coast. Few updates on Deadhorse, … Continue reading

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Storms in the Camper (videos)

Grateful times and Hellman’s! Storms in the Camper

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The Dalton Highway

There are three seasons in Alaska – Autumn, Winter, and; If the ground isn’t frozen, and if there isn’t a white out causing everyone to stay indoors for a few … Continue reading

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Where am I now?

After extensive work and tours through Southern Africa, most of my time is spent between Malawi and Europe.
Go Untamed Safaris was striding into top gear, but volatile poitics in 2019, Covid in 2020, the impacts of Russia vs the World as well as insesent corruption forced my hand.
The dust is now settling. Everything has changed. New chapters are about to be written.

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