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Do you have any guns?

After the elation of seeing Mr Wolf, it was time to cross the border into Canada.
It wasn’t the strangest border crossing I’ve ever encountered, but it was in the middle of a working factory. We drove under an over-head pipeline and over multiple rail road tracks, snaking our way through the middle of an industrial operation and workhouse buildings. It was a little odd. It’s free to cross the border, but there’s a privately owned, American toll bridge to cross the river, on the U.S. side, which is the only way to the Canadian passport control.

Greeted by the gentlemanly Canadian officer, we were simply asked what we were doing and if we had any guns… International Falls is renowned for having the coldest weather station in the United States, regularly recording temperatures lower than -40 Fahrenheit in winter! As I cross the river into Canada, I’m glad I’m here in the early summer.

The first few hours, snaking amongst the coruscating lakes of Ontario and into Manitoba Provinces are beautiful. KP is taking a nap as I quietly meander along, in a country I have never visited before. I ponder for a second, breakfast, and then the odd subject of buttons vs zips.

As we stretch the trucks legs on the straighter roads across Manitoba and Saskatchewan, thousands of dragonflies are meeting sadly, an abrupt end. They love flying in the heat over the highway, but are having their aerial lifestyle terminated by numerous gas guzzling jugonauts. For an entire day, I’ve watched insects perish by the thousands and the windscreen is the last thing that went through their minds. It saddens me that we can be so blasé sometimes about life, especially with these beasts in mind. I believe that insects will be the salvation of many of our global protein issues. Dragonflies may not feature highly in your recipes at the moment, but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss them, or any of their cousins, on our great grandchildren’s list of essential ingredients. Maybe one day there will actually be something that wasps and Mosquitos are good for.



We’ve camped twice across the great expanse of central Canada, and I’m writing this as we speed towards Swift Current. Just over a hundred miles east of the Alberta Province. It’s still flat farm land. Today, I’ve driven on one stretch of road for 300 miles, without touching either the break or the accelerator pedals. It’s a seemingly endless, ironing board of a road, and we’ll likely have 24 more hours of driving before we see the Rockies on the horizon. Apart from the odd mound thrown in, a wandering coyote, a few elegant eagles and kites, bugs and bovine; it’s fair to say, I’m looking forward to reaching the mountains.


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