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A lot of emails? A note from me…

Apologies for the influx of emails and updates recently.
Some of you may have received a few “test” emails which I know must be frustrating.

I am currently syncing my blogs to my new website. It has been quite drastically edited.

Updates from the USA, North America and the Arctic, Malawi, Go Untamed and a photo/video blog of a trip around the British Isles are coming very soon.

I have also upgraded my YouTube channel with all the videos from my past adventures.

…And created the website for my new safari company. We are on most social networking sites, but check us out here:

I’m in various places in Europe at the moment and will be flying to Southern Africa in the coming weeks to wild-safari from Johannesburg to Malawi. This is now my job.

I appreciate all the people who follow my updates and adventures. Without some of you, I wouldn’t have my new projects in the pipeline. I’m reaching over 2000 followers at the moment and I enjoy being social to see what new projects can be conjured up.

If you have any questions about joining me and the Go Untamed Team in Southern Africa please do get in touch. I am also thinking of setting up personalised winter tours around the UK and Europe (while it’s just too stinking hot and wet in Southern Africa). Let me know if you’re curious.

I thank you for your patience while the websites update and blogs are synced.
Please do let me know your thoughts on the changes and on the new Go Untamed Safaris.

Ben Winston.


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Where am I now?

After extensive work and tours through Southern Africa, most of my time is spent between Malawi and Europe.
Go Untamed Safaris was striding into top gear, but volatile poitics in 2019, Covid in 2020, the impacts of Russia vs the World as well as insesent corruption forced my hand.
The dust is now settling. Everything has changed. New chapters are about to be written.

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