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Into the Wild?

“The best beer I’ve tasted this side of the Rockies” that’s me, quoting myself. The 49th State Brewery, just off Parks Highway in Healy (north of Denali National Park and … Continue reading

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Graham eats Molly. Stan takes one for the team!

Three wolves, countless bear, numerous moose, a curious arctic fox, eagle hoards, awkward stalks, migrating swans and geese, territorial osprey and various regal raptors, botherless bison, wolverine, tasty fish, elk, … Continue reading

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My dithering pensioner and I disagree a lot

My dithering pensioner and I disagree a lot. We’re extremely good at it. Naturally, our opposing political views are cause for regular debate, but we agree and disagree on probably … Continue reading

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Leeches! Driving! Glaciers! (videos in Denali)

Speechless Views   I caught a Leech. Brilliant!   My favourite driving

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Like a drunk spider, trying to climb out of a bathtub…

Clearly a blogging mix up in the last post, written by either a randy drunk or a lethargic halucenogenist. A cup of tea and a hearty breakfast sorts any Englishman … Continue reading

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If you’re only going to read one update….why not make it the weird, sexually frustrated one? It has My Little Pony in it…

We had our sights set on Denali for the mountainous scenery, the remote wildlife, the promise of expansive, lush landscape, and well, now that we’re here: Beer. The drive from … Continue reading

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Civilised trimmings & techno Grumpiness

Roughly two months into the trip, and before leaving Fairbanks, we stayed a night in a hotel for the first time. You may think it was a luxury, an indulgence … Continue reading

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Some attractive mature nudists

The drive south on the Dalton Highway was infinitely more interesting and enjoyable than heading north. Not only was the mosquito population higher toward the north end of the road … Continue reading

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You may need some lubrication…

The strangest, unpleasant, oddly informative and most numbing feelings I have ever had as a tourist. The shuttle bus escorted a handful of curious people through the oil drilling facilities, … Continue reading

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Reaching the Arctic Ocean!

Reaching the Arctic Ocean! Prudhoe Bay

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Hoth does exist on Earth

A few dozen miles into the Arctic Circle lies the place where Luke Skywalker ventured out on his tauntaun… Beyond the first 300 miles of the Dalton Highway, seeing virtually … Continue reading

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Almost at the Arctic Ocean (videos)

In the photo: I started at the small red dot and travelled on the blue line. I’m now at the large one on the north coast. Few updates on Deadhorse, … Continue reading

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Storms in the Camper (videos)

Grateful times and Hellman’s! Storms in the Camper

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The Trans Alaska Pipeline

The kinky snake is as long as Great Britain (just over 800 miles) and transports oil from the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic, to Valdeze on the southern coast. The … Continue reading

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“She’s an Easy Lover” with a Shameless Sausage

There are many things which I sacrificed for the challenge of getting across the states on $6 a day; knowing where I’m going to sleep each day, some cleanliness and … Continue reading

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Where am I now?

After extensive work and tours through Southern Africa, I’m now mainly in Malawi.
Go Untamed Safaris is now up and running.
Between work days and in the rainy season (December to April); I am planning some expeditions and seek out some experienced individuals keen to be involved.
I am normally available in the U.K. January to March.

For safari and expedition details:


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