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Times Square : New York


Sometimes there is no blog. Sometimes I’m taking too much in visually, in the rain, to sit down and write anything. So, here I am enjoying a little walk around New York before hurrying out of town to begin my trip to Alaska. It seems so easy when you say it like that. As if it’s a short drive up the road.

I reluctantly feel a bit smug knowing everyone around me is enjoying a day trip, a few days holiday, or is just seeing what I’m seeing on a lunch break. I have the added joy of knowing that this, this monumental and iconic place on the American map, is just such a tiny spec of what I’m going to be experiencing across the continent. If there is one thing you learn when you see so much of a country, of a continent, of different cultures and lifestyles around the globe, it is that perspective is everything. No amount of reading, faffing around on social media, or watching updates on tv can give it to you.

Even though I’m savouring it, Im a city….and I can’t wait to leave.

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Where am I now?

After extensive work and tours through Southern Africa, I’m now mainly in Malawi.
Go Untamed Safaris is now up and running.
Between work days and in the rainy season (December to April); I am planning some expeditions and seek out some experienced individuals keen to be involved.
I am normally available in the U.K. January to March.

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