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Storms in the Camper (videos)

Grateful times and Hellman’s! Storms in the Camper

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The Dalton Highway

There are three seasons in Alaska – Autumn, Winter, and; If the ground isn’t frozen, and if there isn’t a white out causing everyone to stay indoors for a few … Continue reading

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The Trans Alaska Pipeline

The kinky snake is as long as Great Britain (just over 800 miles) and transports oil from the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic, to Valdeze on the southern coast. The … Continue reading

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I’ll make sure the minx is filthy again soon

After driving slowly past the least inconspicuous military air base in The World (I can say that now, as America advertises everything compared to “the world”) Fairbanks is the next … Continue reading

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Tok on July 4th & a mile marker to note

Driving into the tiny town of Tok on the Alaska Highway at the beginning of the 4th of July carnival/caravan parade, is rather like accidentally walking into a meeting room … Continue reading

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Rougher than grinding pebbles in a blender

Top of the World & Taylor Highway. Following the old sourdough track over the hills from Chicken, the views from most of the Top of the World Highway as we … Continue reading

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I “beeped” out the expletives

This morning I was woken up by a loud, beeping alarm and KP coarsely saying “no, I don’t need you!” Unless signalling a fire, some carbon monoxide overload, burglary, an … Continue reading

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Mother Nature: The Temptress

There have been no obvious critters from the start of the Dempster, all the way to the Inuvik (750Km). The caribou cross the road twice a year on their migration … Continue reading

May 3, 2016 · 1 Comment

Wearing a woolly jumper and swimming through peanut butter

Day two on the Dempster and the road has been surprisingly good so far. Like many highways in the north country, it’s detailed as dangerous and not for standard vehicles. … Continue reading

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I am literally a walking stick of candy floss wrapped in bacon

Industrious, vicious, relentless, and the size of birds – mosquitos in the Yukon are intrepid villains, seemingly programmed to insistently make my life a complete misery. As long as I’m … Continue reading

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I Lied

Dawson City is not the start of the Dempster Highway (but it is where the paddle boats from Whitehorse once steam powered to). Forty kilometres east of Dawson City, we … Continue reading

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Whitehorse: An update for lovers….of murderous horses, my toilet time, and history

Arriving into a city isn’t normally such a wonderful thing, but since leaving dusty, Dawson Creek, Whitehorse is strangely, rather comforting. There are crowds of people, even in the rain. … Continue reading

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Penetrating your Yukon…

Update from the river bank   Penetrating Your Yukon   Update prior to Heading North   Productive day

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Where am I now?

After extensive work and tours through Southern Africa, I’m now mainly in Malawi.
Go Untamed Safaris is now up and running.
Between work days and in the rainy season (December to April); I am planning some expeditions and seek out some experienced individuals keen to be involved.
I am normally available in the U.K. January to March.

For safari and expedition details:


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